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Earth Friendly Organic Shrimp!

September 30, 2007

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Our team with more than 30 years experience supplying and working with the largest Foodservice and Retail Chains in the United States, is proud to say that Sea Select is introducing to customers the finest quality Organic Paneus Vannamei (white shrimp). Sea Selects source is the largest producer of organic shrimp in the world and the only with 100% organic integration. This makes our product superior in flavor, texture, certification, safety, and presentation. World-Class Operators and Retailers are setting higher standards for Shrimp retailing and Sea Select has the solution for your operation. Call us at 678-266-8648 or email Tim Forrest,


Why Organic Shrimp?

September 30, 2007

Reduced health risk –no chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s are used. Better taste due to natural growth conditions and 100% organic feed.

Protects the mangrove forests –farm operates in harmony with natural environment.

Promotes biodiversity in the farm habitat.

Benefits economies of rural communities.

Safeguards water resources.

No wasteful by-catch or harm to at-risk marine species.

Reforestation of the mangrove forest.

Promotes low density seeding.

Strong Demand from Organic Consumers.

Sea Select Company Background

September 30, 2007

Sea Select is a privately owned LLC based in Brunswick, Georgia. Our team has been involved with shrimp since 1982 working with the largest retailers and foodservice operators in North America. Sea Select sources are the only farms world-wide to obtain 100% organic integration. In order to achieve 100% Organic Certification and provide total traceability to our product, Sea Select Organic Shrimp comes from four integrated divisions: hatcheries, shrimp farms, feed plant and processing packing plant, covering the entire production process.Our farms have sole control of the process from beginning to end. By doing this, Sea Select is able to supply, with 100% confidence, a 100% organic integrated, safe quality product to our customers.

Sea Select Organic Shrimp Certifications:

September 30, 2007

At this moment we have the following certifications:

Naturland (Germany) / Organic Farms

Naturland (Germany)/ Organic Feed

Naturland (Germany)/ Organic Hatchery

Naturland (Germany)/ Organic Packing Plant

QCS ( USA )/ Organic Farms

QCS ( USA ) / Organic Feed

QCS ( USA ) / Organic Hatchery

QCS ( USA ) / Organic Packing Plant

BIO SUISSE / Organic Farms

BIO SUISSE / Full Organic Shrimp Products

EFSIS (UK) / Higher level of Conformity, Packing Plant

EFSIS ( UK ) / BRC Global Standard – Food, Packing Plant

SGS ( UK ) / BRC Global Standard – Food, Packing Plant

SGS (UK) / HACCP certification

ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council), Shrimp Hatcheries

ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council), Shrimp Farms

ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council), Shrimp Packing Plant

…updates to follow.

Postive Airflow, Gloves, Masks, and many other options to achieve ISO 22,000

September 30, 2007

Women in Shrimp Plant

Presentation – Organic White Shrimp

September 30, 2007

Technical Details

September 30, 2007

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